I must be old.  Or I must be getting old.  The Boss has been making a big thing of me turning 900 days all week long.  That sounds old, doesn’t it? 900?  That’s a BIG number, nine hundred.  

So, I’m 900 today.  900 days.  How many days is that in cat years?  

I’m old, just old.  The Boss sat a fresh can of pilchards in tomato sauce over on my desk, to show he pities me for my old age  I am sure… Those are sardines, for people not aware…

… No, it’s too far away.  I’m tired.  I need a nap.  Surely old kittycats have rights to more naps than all those crazy kittens.

… Fresh can of pilchards.  Way over there. Couldn’t The Boss move my bed closer to that?  To the desk?  Much easier to try and blog from here, though it’d be much nicer to take another nap.

Nine hundred days, umpteen thousand kitty-days I am sure.  


Those pilchards would be wonderful.  But they’re over there.  I’m over here.  The Boss really could have set them here, where I can just lean over and eat…

But, they’re way over there, on the desk.

I’m just getting to old for that. 

Well, I can manage a nap for now, and get over to those fine-smelling fish-bits in a can on my desk.

I really am old, aren’t I?  Nine hundred days.


Someone called me “The Elder Fuzzbutt” once…  

Yep, that’s me.  Old kitty….

…taking a nap now… Pilchards would have been much nicer set next to my bed.

…Poor old me…




The Big Thing, and Eleanor

Every year The Boss arranges The Big Thing!  

He puts me in charge of The Big Thing’s town and streets.  Many people come, many people stop to see me… I patrol the streets and visit the many people. 


And, Eleanor and Bea are bringing back the Kittycats Thing!  Lots of people come to see lots of kittycats and take them to new homes!  Many, many newborn kitties getting new places and people to call their own. 

I got a new collar from Eleanor! 


Eleanor is a good person. She smells of kittycats, happy cats.27910283146_49f107272c

See?  Eleanor loves kittycats! (and rainbows)  How bad can that be?

The Boss likes Eleanor and her partner, Beatrix.  He’s known them forever (at least, longer than I’ve been around).  They have always helped with The Big Thing, which The Boss arranges every year.  This year the Big Thing has a lot of people very excited.  There are meetings, people visiting people, people talking about The Big Thing, The Boss building the Big Boat! 

The Boss’s Big Thing …


 My new collar for this year’s KittyCats Thing, and for those kitties who are a part as well…


…And Eleanor sees that I am the King of the Kitty Thing! 


It will be good, and it goes to help good things!

…Things, things, and more things…

Speaking of which, I think I hear that scratching thing again…


Fuzzbutt… They call me “Fuzzbutt.” Why? What’s this fixation humans seem to have with butts?  Nothing good comes from it, right?

I don’t know.  I came into the world with the name “Fardoragh.” (I was born in a stable stall, by the way. Most folks don’t know that.)  For a long time The Boss kept my name that way.  Somewhere along the way I began getting called “Fuzzbutt.”  Easier for them to say than “Fardoragh.”  Still, of course cats have a “butt,” and of course there’s fuzz around them. 

We’re furry!


Even so, it’s funny when one person says “Fuzzbutt,” and another, out of nowhere, “strips naked and dances wildly before the Elder Fuzzbutt!”  People really are funny.

Sometimes I wander, making my rounds about Innsmouth, and I’m being watched.  Tall dark man with white paint on his face.  He is around town a lot, and stays away from me most of the time.  I spook him for some reason.  That’s fine. Funny that I spook him though. I mean, look at him!



A rare moment when he actually tried to be friendly, so I humored him as best as I could.

There was one time, though, when me and the green kitty – Darnesha – were put in his trust. The Boss having problems and not able to be around for awhile. I don’t know and don’t put a lot of thought to most human issues. Their troubles, not mine.

Anyway, the painted face man was watching me, didn’t think I was aware.

So I turned around… showed him…



…my Fuzzbutt!

People ARE funny.

The Big Thing!

Something is scratching about in the alley.  It woke me, and is plainly just behind the back wall of the nap place.  Yes, I hear it.  All the time, it’s not new.  This time I know I’ll catch it.  Getting up, just the barest stretch to work off the sleep…




Quietly, slip out the door and around the corner… keep low, crouching, close to the wall…

“There you are!” comes The Boss’s voice, loud and insistent! Of course I jump, wouldn’t you? How does he do that? He’s a big, lumbering human (well, this time) and yet out of nowhere he’s behind me, scooping me up as soon as I hit the sidewalk  (on my feet of course).  And, as well, the scratchy-thing skitters off and away.

The Boss has been busy.  The Big Thing is really big right now.  plan plan plan work work work meet meet meet and back to the beginning.  People are funny that way.  But, he wants me there.  He even rousts me from my power-naps, makes sure I have which ever hat he thinks is best, and so on.  Still, I was close, so close this time  >:-(   I will catch thing, yes I will!

…and… We’re on a boat.  A BIG boat.  I’ve not been on a boat this big before.  Boats bring fish! Many time The Boss and I sit at the docks as we watch the water, and wait for the boats.  Boats with fish. Big fish, little fish… fish fish and more fish! So this is a big boat, big enough to bring more fish than all the kittycats at the Kitty Store could dream! The Boss is good, The Boss is Great! Fresh Fish for me, yes, on my plate!  (See how I did that? I love fish!)



But, no… no fish yet. People are now coming, and The Boss talks about Lovecraft Festival, about stores and games and parties and trips to an island and — Eleanor! Eleanor’s here!  Eleanor LOVES kitties! She smells of kitties! She has many, many kittycats!  At last year’s Big Thing Eleanor found many people for so many kitties, many kitties from many people for many people to give kitties great homes!  I got to stay with Eleanor for a couple days!  She took pictures, gave me a new collar – a squiddy-octopussy-tentacle collar! And she said all those kitties getting new homes were in my name… Well, “Fuzzbutt”… not Fardoragh… but, Eleanor’s nice, loves kittycats… so we live with her human funny quirks.

Again The Boss is going to make me The Big Thing Street King. I am always the King of the Big Thing’s streets.  People, lots of people… many stop to visit with me. I stop to visit with them.  I’ve made many people-friends at The Big Things.

…and, I always get the best fish from The Boss.

Life is Good.